Monday, August 26, 2013

College Bound ~TTUT~

Seriously Shawn

My five times a week blog turned into a weekly blog and now it seems that has changed to an every other week blog. Life has been so crazy and as sad as it is to admit I'm ready for 2014, maybe that will be a year of peace and relaxation.

**Picture overload**

This weekend was a huge weekend for my family, we packed Honey up and took her to her school and got her all settled in her condo with her four besties. She is going to have the time of her life and will be doing it in style. Their condo is far nicer than my first apartment, maybe even better than my first house. I still need to get window treatments in her bedroom and finish the living room {that was my area to decorate} but for the most part it's done and is home to four amazing girls.

Her goodbyes started when our family and closest friends came to celebrate her 19th birthday and wish her farewell. At the end of the night we all wrote her well wishes on Chinese lanterns and set them off into the night sky.

 Honey with her bestie and Peanut

Peanut wrote a message to her sister

My parents, Nana & Papa are the sweetest Grandparents ever! 

It's a horribly blurry picture but it's the best I have

My girls sent the last lantern off

It was a beautiful way to end the night

Our family of four packed up and made the drive to Honey's new home and spent the weekend together getting everything ready for her freshmen year at college.

Saying goodbye was as I expected it to be. I hated driving off but knowing that she was one, only a 4 hour car ride away and two, will be coming home once a month for a weekend visit made it easier. It's still strange not having her home every night but I know she's ready to take on life and will do a fantastic job at anything she faces! 
Outside her new home

Living room


Roommate monograms at the bottom of the stairs 

Honey's bedroom


 Our last good-bye

I think I can finish things up in couple more trips, hopefully I can time them just as I'm ready for a kid fix.

Your turn. What's up? 

Monday, August 12, 2013

This boy loves his balls ~ TTUT

Seriously Shawn

Once again I blew it last week, sorry...again.

I won't waste your time with a list of excuses, even though I do have a long list, because that's getting old but I will say I'm glad you're here this week. Even though my girl IA and I suck we love all of our faithful linkers....both of you ;)

Rogue loves his balls, even though I had them removed much like Babes years ago. But seriously he is very ball driven. I have spent a small fortune on balls, tennis, soccer, basketball, he pops them all within minutes. So when I saw an ad on FB {this is not a paid post I just love this product} for the Varsity Ball claiming an unbreakable ball I had to try it. Let me just say it's the best thirty-something dollars I've spent in a long time.

Sadly, like everything there's a negative....

You see my boys is a beefcake. 

He's all brawn and no brain. 

A great big dumb Jock.

He will not stop chasing his ball in the pool. I've had to hide it inside a cooler on the lanai so he can't get to it when I'm not outside with him. I'm fearful he would keep going until he had a heart attack. That's an issue with working dogs, they have no off button. 

Peanut and her friend had him in the pool playing when they noticed his paws were bleeding. He pins the ball against the wall of the pool trying to get it and in doing so has filed all of his nails down past the quick. The nails are now pushing into the pads of the other toes and cutting his pads. Poor boy, I cannot even imagine how bad that hurts. A simple hangnail is bad enough. Last night I noticed he was limping. After a visit to the vet this morning it appears that he may have also broken a toe. I swear it's always something with him. 

I do love this boy of mine! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yep, I'm a softball Mom ~ TTUT

Seriously Shawn

Yeah so I suck and so does my partner IA. Sorry we both flaked on y'all last week but it's summer and we were both on vacation. Your continued forgiveness is as always appreciated.

I occasionally brag about my youngest daughter Peanut and her softball team and I'm about to do it again so if Mommy blogs aren't your thing, this post will not be for you.

We just got home from a week long tournament in Orlando for the USSSA World Series and our girls SHOWED UP! They placed 7th out of 60 teams in their age bracket and 2nd out of the Florida teams. They faced rain relay after rain delay and had games start as late as 10:45pm. They remained focused, driven and united as a team. I couldn't have been more proud! 

We went into our final day of play undefeated and the highest scoring team in the tournament. We faced a tough team from Colorado and didn't play our best and lost our first game of the double elimination tournament. After another rain delay we won the second game of the day and then lost to a team from Arkansas who ended up taking second place in the entire tournament. I guess if the girls where going to be eliminated they at least were knocked out by a great team.  

We shared a 3 bedroom hotel with 2 other families and on the last night went out for a nice dinner. It's always nice for Peanut to take off her cleats and for me to wear something other than blue during a softball trip. I think this is the first picture were I see how much she looks like me, if her eyes were green she'd so be my Mini-Me!

The Coach is a real hardass, and also my hubby, but has graciously given the team this week off. Playing travel-ball in a state that allows year round play is a huge commitment and not just on the players part! Peanut will be enjoying her time off with a visit to my sisters farm in Illinois. My BIL gave her a horse {that will stay there until we find free boarding}and she is dying to get up there to see her. 

Honey and I will be enjoying some one on one time together this week. I'm very much looking forward to a spa day, shopping, sleeping in and just chillin' with my girl before we pack her up and send her off to college in just 3 1/2 weeks. 

Summer is rapidly coming to an end, what exciting things have kept you busy this year?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Q&A, not to be confused with T&A ~ TTUT

Seriously Shawn

This week's TTUT is going to be a Q&A, sounds fun right. Five questions are from me and five are from IA. Can you guess whose are who? Please feel free to answer these on your blog too, today, tomorrow, nest Tuesday or anytime you need a little help thinking of something to say.

1. Where is the most inappropriate place you've ever fluffed, passed gas, farted, whatever you call it? On the couch, watching a movie with Babe and his entire family, while we were still dating. I was mortified! But he came to my rescue and claimed it, although I'm sure he told everyone the truth as son as I left, he's not that good.

2. Have you ever stolen something? Explain... Yes...sorry Dad. I was working at Fantastic Sams, I was poor, it was Christmas, my boss had less money than me, which looking back had to have been a lie. She was giving us all a sob story about not having enough money for a tree and having to go without, blah, blah, blah, so I went next door to the attached grocery store and drug one down the sidewalk and through the front door for her. I'm not proud but at least she had a tree, they throw the left overs away anyway....right?  

3.  What TV shows are you embarrassed to say you watch? I don't watch much and I'm not embarrassed of any of them. I'm a proud Duck Dynasty fan. Hey Jack! 

4. What is something quirky that you must do? I cannot stay in the bathroom any longer than necessary so I usually leave with my pants unbuttoned and unzipped and wash my hands in the kitchen. I also have to have me sheets tucked in tight at the bottom, if Babe untucks them in his sleep it will wake me up. I hate being tangled in my sheets. 

5. What is the last lie you told? I'm honest to a fault, so I need to think about this one....

6. What celebrity makes you think dirty thoughts? I'm not much of a star struck groupie but I will say that Griffin Peterson did just grab my attention. He's a want to be country singer who was on American Idol and more importantly, and how I know him, he's Holder in the books Hopeless and Losing Hope. They are amazing books and now that I have a face to go with the character I'm even more in love with him! 

7. What is the oddest thing in your purse/wallet right now? It's pretty empty right now but there is a mini lime green umbrella in there.  

8. Where is the strangest place you've ever had sex?  I've told this story before...the back seat of our car in the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot. There was time kill after dinner and before the movie. Don't judge! 

9. Do you give money to panhandlers? Why or why not? Yes. There are times when it doesn't feel right or that I don't have cash but yes, I do. I would rather them explain to God why they chose to lie than me tell Him why I chose not to help when I had the chance. I try to keep McDonalds money in my car that way I know their eating with my money and not buying alcohol or drugs with it.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Peanut butter and honey, on a spoon, standing in the pantry. Why waste time when I can stay in there, I'm not hiding, I keep the door open. I also love to read, I've finished 7 or 8 books since the end of June but nothing gets done {cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry etc.} when I read so I can't do it as often as I'd like. 

Well there's a little bit about me, I'm super exciting I know. I'd love for you to play along and I'll be sure to come by and visit all of you and see your answers. Well there you have it, there's my latest lie. I will not be by to see your answers even though I'd like to. Sorry, I suck! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Madness ~ TTUT

Seriously Shawn

Time to chat with me and my girl IA. It's a little thing we started about 18 months ago, when we were still considered bloggers. Now it's something that I run to the computer Monday night to do because I have issues quitting and or handing things over. 

Since I'm still editing the 1000 or so pictures from my trip to Arizona and Oklahoma I'm gonna do a little random madness today....

The beach just plan kicks my ass. Spent 4 hours sitting in the sun today and somehow feel like I ran a marathon, not that I would actually know what that feels like but....

I am hungry all of the time. Like legit all of the time. I may or may not wake up in the middle of the night and make a pb&j. And I wonder why nothing fits...

I started running again and love it. After hitting my ankle with a hammer last Monday I was forced to take a few days off and I feel the difference. It's all my husbands fault too. He should have done what I asked him to do so I didn't have to pretend I had a penis and pull out the tools. 

There's a stack of Honeys things all boxed up and waiting to be taken to her new condo in a few weeks. I'm still not sure how or when that's actually gonna hit me. 

Peanut celebrates her birthday with her family in December and her friends in June. I forgot to plan anything. Yeah, I suck! I think maybe a surprise party may make me her feel a little better. I need to add that to my mile long to-do list.

I'm on my 7th book of the summer. I just love an innocent love story but who doesn't right. You can usually find me in the teen fiction section. I will however admit to loving a good smut filled erotica too once in a while...

If you're here to link up God bless ya. If you're here for the first time welcome and I'm sorry that I was unable to offer you any form of entertainment. If you're out and about and see my blogging mo-jo please tell it to come home, I kinda miss it! 

And just because I need to include a picture. This is one of my favorites so far, I still of have a ton of editing left but I love, love, love this picture! 

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